Vitamin Chi



Jennifer Mason

The comment that I hear most often from patients is, “I love your energy!” because I can’t help but get excited about figuring out and tackling people’s health problems. I’m honestly honored to be part of what brings you back to health and my deepest wish is that you’ll graduate from me with a few take home exercises and not see me for a while because nothing is wrong. I grew up in a house of meditation, organic gardening, Chinese herbal medicine, and philosophical discussions and these have served me well in balancing my life. 

My grandmother taught us how to balance foods with the seasons and what teas to take to get rid of colds and flus. In my 20’s, I lived in Taipei and Beijing and learned not only Mandarin, but a great deal about the way Chinese see the universe and our place in it. I’m most interested in finding ways to extend our good health and good humor into old age because I’m pretty sure that I’ll live to be 100 and I’m going to need it! I’d like to help you do the same.


  • Licensed Acupuncturist #AC8685 California State Board of Acupuncture

  • Masters of Sciences, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Oakland California

  • Sports Medicine Acupuncture courses with Acusport--specialized training in treating spine, neck, shoulders, low back and extremities 

  • Reiki Mastery and Shamanic Wisdom series at Alchemy of Presence

  • Certified Theta Healing Practitioner 2017
  • The Three Paramitas: Meditation Series with Sylvia Boorstein at Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center

  • Beijing Languages Institute Intensive Mandarin Language Program

  • University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology with a focus in Chinese Culture