• Anxiety & Depression

  • Crying Spells

  • Insomnia

  • Mania

  • Anger

  • Overthinking & OCD - circular thinking

  • ADHD & Restlessness
    Balance the emotional imbalance - mania, overworrying, anger outbursts,

Acupuncture can calm anger, clear overthinking, even out someone who feels manic, and we have herbs and treatments for depression as well!

Come in today and see the difference!

Vitamin Chi introduces strategies and tips that you can use tonight to calm down anxiety and start better habits tomorrow.

Jennifer Mason is a San Diego acupuncturist with 20 years experience in treating anxiety with acupuncture.

This is for you if you want natural aids to find calm, whether you take anti-anxiety medicine or not.

—for smart and thoughtful people who get trapped by anxiety and cut off from the joy in their life.

  • Understanding Anxiety

  • Anxiety Symptoms List

  • Choose Your Strategies

  • Fill Your Tank

  • Reframe your Thinking

  • Strengthen Positivity

  • Eastern Approaches

  • Make Anxiety Work for You