Vitamin Chi

Overcoming Anxiety


Does your child or adolescent suffer from moderate to severe anxiety? Is your child having frequent meltdowns in school or is morning drop off a heartbreaking nightmare because he or she is terrified at the idea of staying in school? 


Does your older child feel scared to sleep alone in their room and still have a fear of the dark? You may be wondering if your child will ever grow out of this or if you did something wrong with your parenting, but childhood anxiety can be treated simply with gentle holistic methods.


Vitamin Chi Acupuncture can help—even without needles!


By making a personalized assessment and a treatment plan, my goal is to see improvement after the very first visit and to have complete resolution after just a few visits.  I’ve seen children grow dramatically braver after just one treatment.

Here’s what one mom had to say:
“Jennifer is a miracle worker!  My 3rd grader had been afraid to go to school and it broke my heart to leave her crying and frightened at school in the morning.  When Jennifer said she could help, I was skeptical, but I was out of options. After just one visit, my daughter felt brave enough to stay on her own. No more tears!” 
R R Third grade mom  2/18/18


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