Here's to Cupping!

Cupping has been around for millennia, but has gotten a recent bump in popularity during the last Summer Olympics. Now athletes, movie stars, and my friends and neighbors are happily getting cupped and proudly wear the circular marks to prove it afterwards.  You might be asking yourself why?  And what is cupping anyhow?

In the picture above, the lightweight plastic suction cups have been attached by sucking the air out with a suction trigger.  It pulls up on the skin making them look like little cupcakes. It feels like a bit of pressure or a tightness on the sore area.  The suction is helpful for pain or inflammation and functions somewhat as a deep tissue massage without having to press deeply on the skin.  The suction helps to move stagnant lymph or blood in tight muscles or fascia.  When these are brought closer to the surface of the skin, the body replaces it with fresh blood and anti-inflammatory.  When the cups are released just minutes later, the patient usually feels a relaxing of that area.  

If you prefer a stronger suction and the drama of a flame, we can do fire cupping.  That would make a great Facebook live segment. If you're interested in seeing that let me know. If you want to be a model, it'll be complimentary!


Jennifer Mason