Big Goal for March!

(Vulnerable Post) Since starting Vitamin Chi Acupuncture and Wellness, I’m living the life I didn’t dare dream of just a few years ago.  I’ve helped dozens of people with neck and shoulder pain, healing broken bones, migraines, and TMJ.  Recently, a patient told me he cancelled his surgical appointment after having so much relief in his first visit.  

But I’ve also struggled a LOT. Before I opened my practice, I questioned my ability to help people when I couldn’t cure my own shoulder.  I almost gave up doing acupuncture completely.My doubt kept me from opening an office for years and I only treated close personal friends because I was afraid I couldn’tjustify charging people money for a system that I couldn’t be sure would help them. For almost two years, I didn’t get dressed without wincing and I carefully slept only on my left side in order to not make things worse.  My two boys carried my bags and I felt like an old lady. 

But I was determined to solve this problem and return to the normal use of my shoulder. Eventually I discovered and began using a unique combination of skills that is having phenomenal results. I’ve learned and experienced what it’s like to go from hopeless and stuck to pain free and mobile.  I feel 10 years younger now and I’m working on all of the crazy yoga poses I never thought I could.

It’s given me confidence to know that I can treat so many painful and complicated conditions.  Everywhere I go, I see people that I know I can help.   But I still needed to get the courage to get my business going.  And do you know what?  I love treating people and having them tell me I have magic hands.  I look forward to going to the office everyday to find out who I get to meet and how I can help them.

Why do I care so much?  Because people get hurt and go to their doctors not knowing that they can have relief without surgery and drugs. The problem is that they begin to adjust to a life of less function, less, activity, and less fun. They become old before their time.  

That’s why I feel excited to share about the goal I’ve set for the month of March.  It’s a big goal and I’m very excited about it.  

My goal is to have 15 new clients visit me in the month of March.  If I am successful, it will be the biggest month Vitamin Chi has ever had. 

I want to help. That’s why I’m offering a free herbal formula (up to a $35 value) or the very relaxing lavender eye pillow for anyone who books a 4-session package.  And if you book an 8-session package, you get both!

So, will you hold this vision for me to meet 15 new patients in the next 25 days?

And if you know anyone who is struggling with a health problem, especially a painful neck or shoulder, will you share this post with them? I would love to help them!

Anyone interested can comment here, private message me, or send me an email at

Jennifer Mason