Stand up straight!

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A lot of people come in with back pain. Or shoulder pain. Or both.

I love treating people with pain because very often I can help them feel better. But it can be frustrating because it often comes back when they go back to the same life and habits that caused the pain.

I teach exercises to counteract the postures that cause pain, but it seems like fighting gravity--or worse--fighting the strong muscles and habits that our lives have developed. 

So, maybe you can understand how excited I was when my Sports Medicine Acupuncture classroom partner and I practiced some new techniques on the sacrum (lower back) and the middle spine and my back felt different the next day.  It was like someone had downloaded an intermediate yoga class into my spine because now pieces that I hadn't realized were stuck were moving.  And that lumbar vertebrae stacking that I had been trying to force myself to do feels effortless.

Do you want to know how that feels? Yes, you do. And I want to help you.  Let's get you a newly flexible back. It'll help with the funny bone and it could be the answer to your wishbone.

Jennifer Mason