To Yin-finity and beyond!

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Yin Yang is more than a popular tattoo design--it's the basis of our medicine and the philosophy of Taoism.

It's black and white, cold and hot, male and female, but it's NOT good and evil.

It's tempting to see stillness, cold, boredom, silence, and winter as "bad" because they're not our favorite. We like sunshine and parties and summer. But endless summer, parties, and sunshine leave us exhausted and burnt out.

That's when we crave Yin.

Sometimes we mistake it for needing another coffee or energy drink to keep going. We need stillness, boredom, sleep, and quiet. It gently replenishes and soothes us.

If you're feeling prickly, exhausted, frazzled, and you're reaching for your favorite energy drink, consider reaching for some Yin instead.

Take a nap.

Stay in tonight and don't look at a screen.

Make some soup.

Put dark green vegetables in your body.

Be bored.

I know. It's horrible.

But then something happens--your bounce comes back. You begin to dream again.

Yes, Eastern medicine has yin supplements that I can prescribe (and I take them daily with my morning beverage,) but you can increase your yin by yourself too.

PM me if you want to chat about your yin, anxiety, or anything else about your health and wellbeing. And enjoy the start of our dark yin seasons.

Jennifer Mason