My first podcast interview

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jill Angelo of Genneve, a company that specializes in making the menopausal transition easier for women, not only with their products but also with information and a community for discussion.  She was asking me about fascia because she knows how "fascia-nating" it is for me.  Did you know that women in the 40's have more shoulder problems and tendon problems in general as they lose estrogen? We all have to do what we can to keep moving!

Give it a listen and tell me what you think! 

Jennifer Mason
Downtown Lunchtime Learning Workshop

When:  Tues, September 19, 2017  12:00-1:00pm

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Where:  1111 Sixth Ave, 3rd Fl  San Diego, CA 92101

Why:  Learn something new while lunching. And get a ticket out of pain.

This talk is for you if you've been struggling with persistent shoulder or neck pain, or if you have the numbness that extends down your wrist. We'll look at how why this pain is so common and what you can do to keep it away. Jennifer Mason is an acupuncturist who has specialized in treating neck and shoulder pain since she herself experienced both the injury and the healing of it. Join us if you're interested in knowing more about this very common condition and if you'd like to know more about what you can do for it. Bring a lunch or enjoy some light snacks. I'd love to see you! Message me with any questions or comments.



Jennifer Mason

Let's meetup to talk about fun ideas for healthy that don't require an office visit!

Vitaminchi healthy u meetup.jpg

I'm hosting a brand new Healthy U meetup starting next Tuesday. We'll be talking about stress management at the Mission Valley mall Tender Greens at 6:30.  There's tasty food sold here and we'll have an outdoor table reserved for us (hopefully the one pictured below.)


Healthy U dining area at Tender Greens

Join the meetup or send me a message at to let me know you're coming so we can save you a seat.

Hope to see you there!

vitamin chi kindness healthy u door
Jennifer Mason
Stand up straight!
STORIES (2).png

A lot of people come in with back pain. Or shoulder pain. Or both.

I love treating people with pain because very often I can help them feel better. But it can be frustrating because it often comes back when they go back to the same life and habits that caused the pain.

I teach exercises to counteract the postures that cause pain, but it seems like fighting gravity--or worse--fighting the strong muscles and habits that our lives have developed. 

So, maybe you can understand how excited I was when my Sports Medicine Acupuncture classroom partner and I practiced some new techniques on the sacrum (lower back) and the middle spine and my back felt different the next day.  It was like someone had downloaded an intermediate yoga class into my spine because now pieces that I hadn't realized were stuck were moving.  And that lumbar vertebrae stacking that I had been trying to force myself to do feels effortless.

Do you want to know how that feels? Yes, you do. And I want to help you.  Let's get you a newly flexible back. It'll help with the funny bone and it could be the answer to your wishbone.

Jennifer Mason
Here's to Cupping!

Cupping has been around for millennia, but has gotten a recent bump in popularity during the last Summer Olympics. Now athletes, movie stars, and my friends and neighbors are happily getting cupped and proudly wear the circular marks to prove it afterwards.  You might be asking yourself why?  And what is cupping anyhow?

In the picture above, the lightweight plastic suction cups have been attached by sucking the air out with a suction trigger.  It pulls up on the skin making them look like little cupcakes. It feels like a bit of pressure or a tightness on the sore area.  The suction is helpful for pain or inflammation and functions somewhat as a deep tissue massage without having to press deeply on the skin.  The suction helps to move stagnant lymph or blood in tight muscles or fascia.  When these are brought closer to the surface of the skin, the body replaces it with fresh blood and anti-inflammatory.  When the cups are released just minutes later, the patient usually feels a relaxing of that area.  

If you prefer a stronger suction and the drama of a flame, we can do fire cupping.  That would make a great Facebook live segment. If you're interested in seeing that let me know. If you want to be a model, it'll be complimentary!


Jennifer Mason
Itchy eyes? Runny nose? Come see me!
Vitamin Chi supplements for Seasonal Rhinitis--let's try it!

Vitamin Chi supplements for Seasonal Rhinitis--let's try it!

I was one of the many people who made the trek out to Anza Borrego to see the superbloom this spring and I see blooming trees and grasses everywhere. It's so beautiful. It's so green. It's so itchy.

The downside of all of this flowering is the itchy, sniffling, heavy-headed feeling that comes with allergic rhinitis.  I was just ordering herbs for myself to help boost my body's ability to deal with it and thought you might like a dose too.  I'd love to get some great testimonials, so come talk to me.  You don't even need needles to take herbs, but I will need to feel your pulse and have you stick out your tongue.  

Jennifer Mason