Don't be trapped by shoulder pain or by the symptoms of midlife!

It’s not age or wrinkles that make you old, it’s inflexibility. 


Neck and Shoulder Pain

What's worse than a nagging pain in the neck? Maybe it's a pain that reaches up along your spine and causes headaches?

If you're living with recurring neck or shoulder pain, you might be walking around waiting for a mild throbbing neckache to turn into something debilitating. Or you might have trouble driving because you can't turn your head without wincing or have trouble putting on your seatbelt because it hurts too much.

Rotator cuff injuries and pain involve many interconnected muscles. They can keep you from doing the things you love and make you feel old before your time. 

If left on its own for too long, the inflamed fascia of the shoulders can progress to "frozen shoulder." I don't want that for you.  Let's get to the root of your pain--in the way your body is holding on to the pain--and finally let it go.


Is it Menopause?

If you're wondering whether the fatigue, irritability, insomnia are just the result of a hard month or of it's a sign of the new times, you may be asking your family, "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" And you many be asking yourself, "Could this be menopause?"  

It's not something that we hear a lot about and it's not something that you hear a lot of solutions for, but the ancient Chinese came up with some very effective herbal formulas to balance and soothe the mid-life transition. And having done my own research, I truly believe that this can be the start of our most fulfilling and happiest years.

Find out more by calling for a free consultation or by coming to my next "Is it Menopause?" workshop.  It's fun, and information-packed with friendly people and some tasty snacks. 

Or find out on your own by downloading my free "Is it Menopause checklist. 


What Our Clients Say

After a rough week with fibromyalgia pain, I went to see Jennifer Mason for acupuncture this morning. I walked out of her office with ZERO pain, the brain fog had cleared (the world literally looked sharper), and I still had enough energy tonight to roll around on the carpet laughing and playing with my kids.

If you are looking for an acupuncturist I HIGHLY recommend her.

-Rhiannon R

"Over the past year I had encountered shoulder pain. Sure enough it was my rotator cuff. I'm very gym active and sometimes the workouts were not done properly. For some time I got help from Personal Trainers, massage therapists, online and what not.. however, after a few weeks, guess what? PAIN AGAAAIINNNN... while looking for a new way, I came across Jennifer. 

With her simple knowledge, experience and victim of the exact same pain she said, "I can help you!" Right away she told me to do random moves and noticed how my shoulder had poor form because it was moving in the incorrect manner along with my back. 

Within seconds I was sold, I had about 4-5 sessions with Jennifer and man, my shoulder has never felt better. Her level of knowledge in the world of Acupuncture is unbelievable, each time we would meet, she would try different methods, different forms, basically to enable the shoulder to effectively open in proper form with all the joints by decreasing every pain possible. Not only was she great at every Acupuncture session but she also gave me homework for the week. What sort of stretching to do, what sort of stretching to avoid, what workouts to focus while at the gym and those I should stay away from for a few weeks. 

I can honestly say, this was the best decision ever. 

I definitely recommend Jennifer, she deserves more than 5 stars!! Thanks again

-Jose D  

"I went to see Jennifer for some anxiety and neck tension issues. I had never been to an acupuncturist before so I wasn't sure what to expect. She was incredibly thorough and attentive and the results were incredible. As soon as she started working on my neck I felt like I was having an exercise high! She explained that a lot of scar tissue can build up in the neck and make it hard for oxygen to get through so her needling was giving me a huge hit of oxygen when I had a blockage before. It gave me a rush of energy that kept me going for weeks! It's amazing how anxiety can dissipate when your body is just circulating oxygen properly. 

I moved away from San Diego and was so disappointed with acupuncturists I saw who I hoped would be like Jennifer, but they just applied needles to a few points without working any Jennifer magic and ended up leaving me cold. I followed up with her about the experience and she gave me some recommendations for finding acupuncturists whose practices were similar to hers so I wouldn't have issues again. Luckily I have family and friends I visit in San Diego regularly and getting some Jennifer care is always on the top of my list!"

-Christine A 


“She(Jennifer) is friendly, personable, knowledgeable, gentle and above all else (for me) she listens and figures out what my body needs!” 

-Holly B.


I would recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking individualized therapies. She has done wonders for my lower back, shoulder, neck, and general muscle aches and pains. Her positive attitude and energy has also done wonders for my overall well-being. 

Thank you Jennifer! I look forward to our next appointment!

-Jonathan R.



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