Pain in the Neck/Wrist/Shoulder


What's worse than a nagging pain in the neck? Maybe it's a pain that reaches up along your spine and causes headaches?

If you're living with recurring neck or shoulder pain, you might be walking around waiting for a mild throbbing neckache to turn into something debilitating. Or you might have trouble driving because you can't turn your head without wincing or have trouble putting on your seatbelt because it hurts too much.

Rotator cuff injuries and pain involve many interconnected muscles. They can keep you from doing the things you love and make you feel old before your time. 

If left on its own for too long, the inflamed fascia of the shoulders can progress to "frozen shoulder." I don't want that for you.  Let's get to the root of your pain--in the way your body is holding on to the pain--and finally let it go.

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