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We offer three different session packages and payment options:

Upcoming Workshops

Tired? Can't stay asleep? Metabolism and your cycle are wacky? Getting hot flashes or night sweats?

It's not something that we often talk about--especially if we're still trying to look like we're in our 20's, but we're all headed for the big change. I originally called this "What Your Momma Never Told You About Menopause" because my mom didn't tell us anything. She just yelled at us.

But there's a lot to know! And there aren't many "Coming of Age" books for us 40+ year olds. Come learn about some common patterns, what to avoid and what to embrace, in good company and with some nice snacks and maybe sangria.

This friendly information-packed workshop is for women who want to know more about what's going or what's coming. It's for you if you are experiencing uncomfortable or confusing symptoms or if you want to recognize and avoid them.

On-going Support

Wherever you are, support is available. We will discuss your personal conditions and any symptoms you are struggling with and you will leave with strategies to help you long after the session is over. Package includes 3 30-minute virtual sessions for personal health coaching over zoom. 


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Hands-on Healing

In San Diego, these face-to-face appointments allow for personal support in addition to the application of needles, heat, and reiki.  Patients leave feeling balanced and relaxed, usually followed by decreased symptoms and a feeling of well-being.